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Dolls Talks with Edelmo

Think doll photography - think Edelmo. Years of experience in fashion industry, numerous photoshoots perfected his skill which is reflected through the lens of his camera. And there is that one very special doll, that is getting all the attention of the maestro. I could not wait to get to know more about how Edelmo does it and ask for some advice on how to take perfect doll photos! Hi Edelmo!

Hi! I'm Edelmo, the human behind some dolls at the Yoedelmo instagram account. Working in retail fashion since I cannot remember when and with a high interest in beauty and style.

Edelmo - Puppensammler von Barbie und Integrity Toys Modepuppen

- You are a very talented photographer and your doll pictures are stunning. Have you always had an interest in photography or did you have other career plans whilst growing up?

Photography happened on the way I was working in fashion and involved in many fashion shootings, learning during shootings with so many great fashion photographers and with respect to their work and profession all I do is play a bit with photo, angles and apply some fashion sense. I have fun...

Puppenfotografie in Aktion

- What is the one thing you wish you knew when you started taking doll photos?

Probably to know more about the best light hours along the year, but I still love learning every day.

- What is the most difficult in doll photography?

Dolls hair on some windy days... like a bad hair day.

- What is your favourite set up for photography – inside or outside and why?

Since I start using the doll apartment during the lockdown last year I really enjoy it, love the recreation of space and the different spaces you can create, or at least the impressions of it. But street style is and will be my favourite for doll photography... to integrate dolls in real life is for me a unique experience.

Modepuppe Diarama Fotografie - Sport Outfit Basketball

- What is your best tip on setting up a diorama?

Look for vintage miniatures and special pieces... local second-hand markets, antique shops...

- What advice would you give to someone who is new to doll photography? What is the best way to educate yourself to take better pictures?

I would always suggest enjoying what you do. No hurries, do no limit yourself, dedicate time to enjoy what you do. Play, play and play and never stop playing, experience is a matter of perseverance.

- Most of your pictures feature your Poppy Parker doll Tina. Tell me about this doll? Is she the most special in your collection? And if so, what is so special about her that she is an absolute star of your photoshoots?

Tina is my very special one indeed. I have been collecting dolls since childhood and with her it was love at first sight. There is something special about her, hair style, petite body, this face, not smiling and even a little angry? I don´t really know...

Integrity Toys Poppy Parker Puppe von Edelmo

- What is Tina’s fashion style? Is there anything style-wise she would never wear?

I believe she uses personality on top of fashion and fashion trends. Probably that's the best we all can do, just make fashion ours. I believe there is an occasion for almost everything, something I usually recommend is not to wear combinations of red and black, she only uses black on special occasions.

Puppensammler und Modefotograf

- Doll fashion is a big market and as an owner of doll clothing brand, I am interested to know your views on why you think people care about what their dolls wear and like to re-dress them?

Probably it's a reflection of some side of our personal talents or maybe even challenges... but why not?

- What is the best and the worst doll outfit for doll photography?

I'm not sure, it's a big question... I personally like to dress dolls in a more contemporary style and very urbanita style... I'm not super fan of big dresses and don´t specially love crochet. But it is all about a personal perspective.

- Do you have other dolls apart from Tina in your collection?

Yes, indeed. I have been a toy lover since childhood, can you imagine?

- How big is your collection? Are there only dolls or have you ever collected other toys?

I don´t like to count my dolls, even I know perfectly well the ones I have. Also, other toys, some action figures, paper dolls, little funny creatures, 1/12 scale, etc...

Among my dolls I have some vintage Licca, Blythe, Nancy and other Spanish dolls and lots and lots of Barbies, which happen to be my very fave dolls.

- Among the dolls that you own, is there something that you wish you hadn’t bought? Why?

No, not at all. It is true that as my collection gets mature with the time I'm buying more selectively and also I have let go others, no time enough left for some dolls. In fact, sometimes I think about how we collect. There are many ways and of course I respect all of them, but I personally don´t have interest in leaving a huge collection behind. I just play and enjoy them.

- How do you store your dolls? Are they on display?

No, no display at all. When visiting my apartment people don't realize about my passion. I dedicate one of the cabinets of my closet to store many of them, also clothes and accessories. Also, I usually hide things in some secret spots, under my bed and small corners.

Barbies 50-jähriges Jubiläum und Barbies 60-jähriges Jubiläum Bücher mit Edelmo-Puppenfotos

- I have read on your website that some of your photos have been featured in “Barbies 50th Anniversary” and “Barbies 60th Anniversary” books. Tell me how does that feel to have this recognition and appreciation from the Barbie brand?

Yes, it's a long story about the books, but let's keep it between Mattel and us. We had the chance to participate in the two anniversary books with a selection of pictures, barbie ones, of course. It's great to see your work exposed like this and have the chance to reach many people.

- Do you think dolls are a good investment? Or is it rather an excuse?

They should be fun, isn´t it about this with toys?

- Do you have your mini-me doll?

No, not yet, I have never thought about it, probably it would be needed a Rosie O´Donnell doll for my mini me, hee-hee...

- As a professional doll photographer and collector what advice would you give to someone who has just re-discovered their childhood hobby and started to collect dolls as an adult?

From a collector's point of view, I would recommend to have fun and never stop doing what makes you happy. Never.

Edelmo Puppenfotografie

- You have set up your website as a partnership. Who is the other person behind EDELMO brand?

My partner in crime is Mikel Cans, we make lots of things together since we met almost 20 years ago. He is very creative, talented and has an extremely good taste as for me.

- Where is your next adventure going to take you and what new photos we should expect to see?

I never know where is going to be next, but I have a wish to go back to Japan soon, as I had planned before the pandemic, LA too...

- What's next on your doll wish list?

I have some plans to articulate a Barbie repro, more from the Superstar Era and looking forward to seeing the new Poppies from the IT convention very soon too.

- Unbox or not unbox? (& Why?)

Play, always. To have fun and enjoy the toys as they are.

- Any links, social media profiles you would like to share with readers, so they can find out more about you and your website?

Beside my website talking about myself, I have other instagrams profiles, not as prolific as yoedelmo, but Marcia Harrys dedicated to 1/6 deco world, IamShigeo for 1/6 boys.

- Fabulous chatting to you Edelmo! And thank you for some great photography advice! I am off to find my camera now!

All photographs have been published with kind permission of Edelmo.

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