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Dolls Talks with Collecting Miss Barbie

Updated: 6 days ago

Have you ever met anyone who looks exactly like a Barbie doll, who collects Barbies and knows everything about them – all in one person!? I have, and it is Collecting Miss Barbie! She has one of the largest Instagram accounts dedicated to dolls and the amount of time and effort she puts into making sure we all enjoy her page is tremendous! I had an opportunity to ask all the questions you always wanted to ask Collecting Miss Barbie! Read on!

- Hello, would you please introduce yourself:-)?

Greetings! My Instagram account is Collecting Miss Barbie. I have been a lifelong Barbie lover.

Doll Collector blogger and influence  - Collecting Miss Barbie with her mini me Barbie Doll wearing matching glasses

- In your Instagram account you committed to posting daily (even your profile says “follow for daily posts”). Do you think it really pays off to be consistent with posting daily? How do you cope?

For the last couple of years, I have woken up and picked something to photograph and then shared it daily. This year has brought many distractions and have fallen a bit behind. Posting daily is a great way for people to enjoy your page. They can open up to your content each day for something new.

- You have a large audience of over 40K followers. What advice would you give to someone who is just starting their doll Instagram page? What content is the best received by doll collectors? Any tips on how to grow the audience?

I always feel as though I just got lucky with having a larger doll account. The algorithms used to lend themselves to growing an audience. It is a bit tougher these days. My best advice is to create a page with content you enjoy viewing. Have fun with your page. It's for you.

- Who inspired you to start your doll collection?

@dollyhaul was one of the first accounts I found on Instagram. He encouraged me for months to create my own page. At the very least to document my collection.

- How big is your collection? Are there only dolls or have you ever collected other toys?

Actually, I have not counted how many dolls I have. I always say it’s too many to count. I would collect Hello Kitty if I could. I have a few Toys here and there, but space is always an issue for the collector. When I was a child I collected postal stamps and even coins.

- What is the one thing you wish you knew when you started collecting dolls?

What I wish I knew when I started collecting dolls is that there were so many of us out there collecting alone. Now we have each other.

Grace Kelly The Romance Doll

- Do you have a favourite or special doll and is there any story about it you can share?

My Grace Kelly dolls are definitely my most favorite pieces. My Mom surprised me with the GK the Bride and I was so moved by this gift that I burst into tears. It was quite special. She didn't realize how much I wanted the doll.

Fashion dolls on display

- What are your recommendations on keeping dolls pristine?

I recommend you not keep them out in the open if possible and avoid sunlight and wild temperatures.

- How do you store your dolls? Are they on display? You mentioned in one of your posts that you would have a doll room coming this summer. Tell me how it will look!

Several dolls are boxed, and the unboxed dolls are kept in class cabinets. As mentioned I definitely use glass cabinets. If all goes well, my dolls will have their own room with art on the walls and a sofa to lounge on.

- What’s next on your dolls wish list?

Next on the dolly wish list is the Moschino Ken doll. He is so very handsome. And probably a new Color Reveal doll. It has been a while since I opened one.

- The recent challenge #myownbarbiestyle was a real success. I think its success was due to your tremendous effort together with Jian on promoting it, re-posting entries and supporting those who took part. What was the best part of it that you enjoyed most?

I have such affection for the #myownbarbiestyle challenge because it brought people together through creativity and support. We kept it simple enough for all to participate in their own way.

Barbie doll and her fashion rack

- What is your favourite doll fashion? How do you like to dress your dolls?

Simple and elegant is my most favorite way to style the dolls. Dior is of course a classic favorite.

- What is your best tip on dressing the dolls up?

Best tip for dressing dolls is to do what you love. Enjoying the dolls by creating your own world.

- Do you think dolls are a good investment? Or is it rather an excuse?

Are dolls a good investment? Sometimes dolls can be worth something monetarily, but I don't think most people collect them for the investment of money. I collect because it's something that brings me creativity and joy.

Fashion doll illustration - collector and her mini me at the same scale
C MB and her mini together same scale

- Your mini-me doll is stunning. It looks so much like you. Do you have matching outfits?