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on TV, in fashion and lifestyle magazines, blogs and publications.

The Guardian publication

Amazing article about doll collecting fun featuring gtGdollwear fashion and famous doll collectors ( some of them being our clients!)

BBC News publication

Our client was featured on BBC with her amazing doll collection and gtGdollwear clothing collection. Couture Time ensemble, a linen jumpsuit and a boucle dress as well as Minimalist Outfit are all TV stars now! Enjoy watching and see how many gtGdollwear pieces you can count in that video.

Fashion Trendsetter publication

Realistic fashions for collectable miniature dolls is on a rise and so many people in the lockdown reconsidered their hobbies and started collecting dolls.
It’s Haute Couture on a smaller scale with luxury in every stitch. The amount of time that goes in creating those pieces is insane, but the result is mind blowing!

Fashion Blog interview

As a young girl I loved playing with my Barbies and Sindy Dolls... Maybe it was the fashions that attracted me, I don’t know. My love of dolls hasn’t faded – and it was with great excitement that I was able to interview the delightful Dasha who, in my eyes has a dream job, as a fashion designer designing luxury doll clothing... 

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